Property Inventories

Check-in & Check-out services for rented property

“We treat your property as though it were our own.”

A check in report is prepared at the beginning of each new tenancy. This report should be carried out immediately before the new occupants move into property, sometimes this is completed on the same day.

The property must be in a suitable condition to be let and all maintenance and cleaning should already have been completed.

The original inventory report will already be prepared prior to the check-in, each item on the original inventory will be checked, it’s presence/absence and condition noted. Keys and meters are also checked and the readings are recorded. The tenant will then have a period time to confirm its accuracy and make additional comments. Once the inventory is finalised it will be the inventory used when the tenant check outs of the property.


At the end of the tenancy the property is inspected and the condition compared to that stated in the original property condition report. The report is compiled after a visual inspection by one of our clerks. Allowance is made for fair wear and tear and any maintenance issues which are the landlords responsibility are noted for information. Meter readings are taken and the correct number of keys recorded and signed for.

Mid-term reports, if applicable, are supplied in the event of any disputes. Exec PM will contact the tenant and confirm date and time for the check out and send a check out list. On the day the tenant will have removed all their personal items from the property, the property should be professionally cleaned and depending on the terms of their tenancy agreement, laundered curtains and any bedding.