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Fitness for Human Habitation Act 2019

So, what is the Fitness for Human Habitation Act?

The identification at a visual inspection, the status of a property and identify if a hazard is low risk, at risk or non-compliant with the Act and to report and advise the managing agent or landlord of the risk.

Fitness for Human Habitation Act; Summary of Hazards;

  • The building is in a good state of repair
  • The building is stable
  • There are no visual serious damp problems with the property
  • The internal layout of the property appears safe
  • There is enough natural light to the property
  • There is sufficient ventilation to the property
  • There is cold and hot water to the property
  • The toilet and other drainage to the sink, bathroom area are in working order 
  • There is sufficient area within the property to prepare, cook food and clean up
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The Inventory clerk will conduct a visual inspection of the property in respect to the Act, based on the hazard list as summarised above. Please note this is an inspection and not a full risk assessment of the property. Execpm Limited will not be held liable for any hazards which are identified or occur after the tenancy commences.

A summary of checks carried out by Execpm Limited where possible, include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Visual state of the building and property
  • Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors tested for audible beep at tenancy commencement
  • No obvious smells or evidence of damp/mould within the property.
  • Toilets flushed, taps run in the kitchen and bathroom 
  • Windows opened and closed 
  • Extractor fans tested to ensure working order
  • Communal and flat door locks are in working order

For full details of the Act please see:

ExecPM limited can offer landlords and managing agents a visual pre tenancy inspection where required to report on the property and identify any possible risks.

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