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Checking Out Procedures for tenants & landlords

We have collated a guide for tenants, landlords & letting agents who are checking out of their rented accommodation. This guide covers the overall steps and areas of focus to ensure that your check out appointment runs smoothly.

Inventory clerk with tenants during the check out process.

Before you check out appointment you should make sure to follow the below steps:

  1. All items should be placed in the rooms described on the inventory.
  2. All china, glassware, crockery, kitchen utensils etc should be clean and accessible.
  3. Anything packed away for the duration of the tenants must be unpacked cleaned and placed in the correct location.
  4. Its is expected that the property will be in a similar condition of cleanliness as at the check in and when you vacate there must be no trace of the previous occupant. Please see the check out cleaning guide here for more advice.
  5. All keys must be available and clearly labelled.
  6. You must be ready to vacate the property and hand over any kets at the appointed time.

Should the inventory Clerk have to search for missing items, it may result in charges being made to the tenant. Heavy items of furniture that have been moved should also be returned to their original positions.

The managing agent or Landlord must be informed of any items removed or added to the property. Failure to do so may result in charges being made for the replacement of items removed.


Please note that all sets of keys (as noted on the original inventory) must be returned at the time of check out. Failure to comply may result in the check out appointment being aborted, the cost of which will be chargeable to you as indeed may a new set of locks and keys.


If the owner has not employed a gardener at the property, you will  have been required to maintain the garden. This includes cutting of lawns, weeding any beds, and maintaining the garden according to season. If the standard of the garden is found untidy, compared to the commencement of the tenancy, most managing agents or landlords will employ a contact gardener and their account will be added to your check out report.

Check Out Appointment 

It is important to make sure that:

  1. All cleaning has been completed prior to this time.
  2. All personal items removed
  3. Property ready to be handed over and ready to vacate

If you are not ready to leave it may not be possible to carry out the check out. In this case a return visit will be needed and a charge for the aborted visit will be made.

At the termination of the tenancy, the inventory will be checked and any obvious or significant discrepancies will be reported to the Managing Agent/ Instructing Principal. This report will indicate whether in our opinion the tenant is liable for the deterioration or whether it is considered to be fair wear and tear. Normal fair wear and tear will be assessed on the length of tenant and the type of occupancy.

About ExecPM

ExecPM is an independent property inventory company providing inventory reports that accurately record the state of the property at the start and end of the tenancy, protecting both the landlords and tenants during any deposit disputes. If you are a landlord looking for property inventory services, email us for a consultation or call on 01189 572889.